Breast Health

Centre Volunteers in Medicine has assumed the responsibilities of the Centre County Breast Care Coalition. We will continue providing free early detection services to those who qualify in Centre County.

Who can get a voucher?

To be eligible for a voucher you must live or work in Centre County and meet income guidelines.

For more information about obtaining a mammogram voucher or have questions about the vouchers please call 814-234-1911 and leave a message

How does a voucher work?

If you are qualified to receive a voucher, one will be filled out and mailed to you. You can use this voucher at your regular OB/GYN or Breast Care Center. The vouchers are only good for one service and expire in 90 days. If these two issues would arise, please call to get another voucher.

 Why is it important to get annual screenings?

Early detection is everything!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, except for skin cancers. By getting an annual screening, you can detect a tumor up to 2 years earlier than a typical exam by your doctor. You should start getting an annual screening at the age of 40, unless there is a family history or specially noted by your doctor to start earlier.

How can I support this cause?

Donations towards the voucher program are always welcome!      
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Breast Health Walk

Thank you to all who participated in the 1st annual Walk the Walk for Breast Health. We look forward to raising funds again in August 2022!