Richard M. Madore Dental Clinic Campaign

There are currently over 1,000 individuals on the waiting list for the Dr. Richard M. Madore Dental Clinic at CVIM. It’s a little-known fact that dental disease and poor dental health can cause major complications and illness, even death. Early diagnosis, preventative treatment, and early intervention can prevent or halt the progress of  oral disease.

The Dental Clinic honors the spirit and legacy of Dr. Madore’s dedication to giving back to his community.  Typical of the impact of the Dental Clinic has on our community, one of our patients writes:

Since my teeth began to break off I needed to consider total extractions. A friend and co-worker told me about CVIM and her experience with the dental staff. I became a patient and saw Dr. Stein. I was totally pleased. He is a gentle and informative dentist. The entire dental staff are very caring individuals. So glad I found CVIM!  Thank you for the wonderful care. God Bless everyone who makesthese services to our community possible. I am in the process of getting dentures now that the final extraction was completed on April 16, 2019. I am looking forward to having my smile back in the months to come.

Give the gift of Dental Health.

Friends & Family Campaign

For the last 17 years, because of their belief in what we do, Lance and Ellen Shaner, have matched $50,000 for individual donations to the Friends and Family campaign. Lance was inspired to make their initial gift by a six-year-old CVIM patient who asked his friends for donations to CVIM instead of birthday gifts.

100% of funds raised in this campaign remain in Centre County to provide medical and dental care, case management, and medication assistance for CVIM patients.


Marathoners for Medicine

2020 Marathoners for Medicine

In 2002, John Domico ran the Boston Marathon on behalf of CVIM raising $3,500.  A year later, seven runners going to Boston joined John’s fundraising efforts. In 2014, the Marathoners for Medicine team was selected as a local hero/heroine winner of the Central PA Arts Festival.

Last year 26 runners participated in marathons throughout the United State. Individuals took their love of running to new levels, exceeding their fund-raising goal of $46,000.  To date, our marathoners have raised over $720,000 for patient care.

Consider making a donation  to a 2020 marathoner team or to an individual runner.