Corona Virus and Physician/Dentist Procedures

CVIM is working diligently to establish policies and procedures for handling patients during this time.  First and foremost, we want to gauge the comfort level of our physicians and dentists to continue seeing patients.  If you are uncomfortable continuing to see patients during this time, please let me know so we can plan schedules accordingly.

Schedules at this time are being evaluated to keep necessary patients on the schedule.  Nurses will review patient schedules and reschedule patients who can be postponed for 1-2 months.  Patients who need to be seen now will continue on the schedule.  We are communicating with patients and requesting patients with fever, respiratory symptoms, and/or travel to affected areas either domestic or international reschedule their appointments and not come into the clinic.

If you have traveled within the past 14 days, we ask that you not come to the clinic and reschedule patients.

We will be giving a 3 month supply of medications to all patients with the exception of a few behavioral health patients that our team has recommended not get that much medication.  We will be reaching out to you requesting you to sign medication refills for patients who need refills for routine medications.

Please continue to look for information from CVIM in the coming weeks and days.  Please also contact Ray Nungesser or Kristi Mattzela with questions or concerns.